Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcome to Focus T25 Fans

Welcome to our New Beach Body Workout Program Blog

Myself (Nathan Wiseman) and my friend James Cauthorne have decided to launch this website and dedicate it to all of the Focus T25 Fans out there.

Our goal is to bring you high levels of information about Shaun T's epic home workout program, Focus T25.

What is Focus T25

Focus T25 is one of the latest programs to launch from Beach Body and creator, Shaun T. There are newer programs since T25 launched, like Cize and Insanity Max 30, but those programs have a completely different approach and goal than T25.

If you have not seen the commercials or heard the hype about this revolutionary home workout, do not despair. We have you covered.

What Makes T25 Special?

We will get into the nitty-gritty in other blog posts, but what really makes this program special is the minimal amount of equipment needed to get started, no need to go to the gym, and a small time investment of just 25 minutes each day.

Where to go from here?

Just be sure to hang around long enough to read through our ever growing pool of information about T25. While we don't plan on updating every day, we will be sure to keep things fresh and relevant enough to make sure you have all the knowledge you desire about the program whether you are a T25 veteran or anticipating novice.

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